Midnight Meadow Farm is excited to offer a Community Supported Agriculture program for our 2021 season!


What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? A CSA is a program where people who are interested in supporting small local farms and want a steady supply of produce through the whole growing season join as members prior to or early in the producing months. The benefit to members is getting to know the people involved in growing their food, seeing where and how it is grown, and of course receiving fresh local produce all season. 


Why are we offering a CSA?   First, we love to see people excited by the things we grow! Although we have grown in past years into a wholesale farm, we recognized the importance of supporting our neighbors and community.  It became important to us to be able to provide fresh produce directly to individuals and their families. 


We incorporate into our CSA program a few beliefs that benefit our customers:


  • Choice. Rather than receive a pre-packed box of what the farm picks and has to sell that week (which is the standard CSA model), you shop for what you want at our farm stand any time. No wasting or composting food you don’t eat. You get what you want, when you want it. There is also a pre-order option where your order can be prepackaged and ready for a convenient pick up.


  • Fresh is best. You’ll receive the freshest picked produce. None of our produce is offered after the peak of freshness. Any produce (with the exception of long term storage varieties) picked after 36 hours is either donated to local food banks or introduced into our nutrient recycling program. 


  • Cost. You're buying directly from the producer. No middle man mark ups and no specialty food pricing. Here’s how we figure it out: We are primarily a wholesale farm and have set wholesale pricing on what we offer. Due to a bit more handling, packaging expenses and management of wider variety options for our CSA customers, we have to sell farm stand items and pre-orders at a marginally higher cost. However, given the nature of our business, we can provide fresh, local, and healthy produce at a lower price than you might find elsewhere.


Membership Pricing

What separates us from many CSA programs is how your dollars are spent. 


As mentioned, at Midnight Meadow Farm you shop for only what you want. Not predetermined packages of products that may not get eaten.


Say, for example, you purchase a $100.00 share at a traditional CSA for a 10 week season. Then you would  receive $10.00 worth of produce each week whether you need it or not.


So do we go to the grocery store to buy things we don't need, or choose not to buy things you do need? Probably not.


Our program is structured to insure you pay only for what you want, when you want it.


How its calculated


Say you buy a $200.00 share. There is then a $200.00 credit to draw from. When you come shop at the stand and choose for that day, say $20.00 worth of produce. You would fill out a slip with your name, and that you shopped for $20.00 worth of goods. We then deduct that $20.00 from your account and you now have a remaining credit of $180.00. You may re-up your credit at any point during the season. 


Membership Pricing


Senior membership $100.00


Individual membership $200.00


Family membership  $400.00


Large families or groups may purchase at any increment over the family share amount.


Early sign up incentives. Members enrolling prior to March 31st receive an additional 10% credit. Members enrolling prior to April 30th will receive an additional 5% credit.


Should your credit balance be depleted before the end of the season you can choose to re-up your credit balance and receive the same additional credit percentage as your initial enrollment.


We are currently pursuing online purchase options. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience and you can contact use with any payment or questions.